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0 Y&R Recap – Nov 15 – Nov 19th

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Sharon is caught off guard by Nick’s proposal. Nick gives Sharon her engagement ring from high school and promises her that this is not a whim, this is forever. Sharon declares she will marry Nick. Nick tries to break the news gently to Phyllis that he and Sharon are getting re-married. Sharon tries to find a way to inform Adam about her engagement without hurting him, but then he notices the ring. Phyllis holds it together in front of Nick, but when Jack walks in Phyllis’s façade crumbles. Daniel informs Phyllis that today would be his anniversary with Amber. On Abby’s birthday, Victoria and Jack inform her that the judge has ruled that Victor has to turn over all his accounting records. Abby informs Victoria that she doesn’t want to lose Victor and she just wants out of the lawsuit. Victor is stunned when Jack outright admits that he was behind the lawsuit. Victoria asks Victor to reach out to Abby on her birthday, but Victor refuses. Abby is thrilled when Tucker buys her horse back. Daniel informs Abby that he is not upset with her for breaking things off because he isn’t sure if anyone can make any commitments work. Victoria pushes Victor to reach out to Abby. Later, Victor shows up to see Abby and asks her about her horse. Victor turns to leave when he learns Tucker bought it back and Victoria tries to stop him. A crowd gathers to hear the results of Daisy’s paternity test. Everyone is stunned when the results prove that Daniel is the father. Daisy pleads with Phyllis and Daniel to help her, but Daniel loses his cool and takes off. Jack tries to help Daniel accept that this little girl could change his life.

Phyllis tries to get Lauren to change her position on Daisy being in jail. Phyllis promises to keep track of Daisy and Lauren wonders if that means she will let Daisy live with her. Meanwhile, Kevin makes the decision that if Daniel can’t step up for this little girl than Kevin will raise her. Kevin asks Michael what he has to do to become the baby’s legal guardian. Daniel informs Daisy they are giving the baby up for adoption. While Ronan and Heather are talking Ronan drops his coffee inadvertently and Heather wonders if he is okay. Ronan and Heather are caught off guard when Nina wonders if there is something going on between them. Murphy informs Kay that while his son was on life-support, Meggie decided to unplug him against his wishes. Murphy explains to her that this is the reason he wouldn’t want someone to end his life if he was ever on a ventilator. Ronan and Heather stop by to inform Murphy that Meggie is being extradited to Alaska to stand trial. As Ronan and Heather are leaving, Ronan drops a prescription bottle out of his pocket and Heather has a chance to see it before Ronan snatches it back. Alone, Heather does research on Ronan’s prescription. Heather confronts Ronan about his medication. ­Ronan is purposefully a jerk to Heather to get her to back off. Heather runs into Victor and learns that his financial records were seized. Heather runs into Ronan at Gloworm and sees him nearly collapse. She demands to know what is wrong with him when it becomes clear that he lied to her earlier. Ronan refuses to let her help him and informs her to forget she ever saw anything. Victor suggests Michael hire Heather to help with his workload, but not to let her know it was his idea. Jack advises Phyllis to call Vance Abrams for help about what to do about the baby. Kevin is furious when he thinks that Lauren and Michael don’t think he can handle raising a child because of his background. Phyllis and Jack meet with Vance to find out what they need to do get Daisy out of jail until the baby is born. Phyllis offers to let Daisy live with her. Jana informs Daisy she plans to take the stand and make sure Daisy goes away for a long time. Jana stops by to lend Lauren her support and Lauren is grateful. Kevin is not thrilled to know that Daniel is thinking about adoption. Daniel is furious when Phyllis informs him she met with Vance about getting Daisy released until the baby is born. Lauren informs Jana about Kevin’s plans for the baby. Phyllis informs Jack that she wants to help her granddaughter, but she doesn’t want to lose Daniel in the process.

­Cane tries to prepare Blake to meet with Tucker and Sofia. Neil is surprised to hear that Blake is working with Cane on the new bio-fuel project. Sofia and Tucker are surprised to learn that Cane and Blake are old friends. Cane can barely breathe when he and Blake leave with Tucker’s seal of approval. Lily asks Cane to invite Blake to Thanksgiving, but Cane says he would rather it be just family. Meanwhile, Neil suggests to Sofia that she run a background check on Blake to easy everyone’s mind. Nick and Sharon discuss how to inform everyone about their engagement. Sharon takes off her ring to prevent people from finding out the way Adam did, but promises that when she puts it back on it will be forever. At an investor meeting, Victor shows up with Justin Hightower to confront Adam. Justin gives Adam back the money. Victor offers to fly Justin to Florida for Christmas and Justin happily accepts. Nick is going over his finances at the office and he notices a check stub to N.A. Partnership that he didn’t write. He realizes that it is address to Jack’s house. Sharon runs into Adam as she is leaving the bookstore and she sees that he is upset. He notices that she isn’t wearing her engagement ring anymore.

­Nina invites Ronan to join her and the family for Thanksgiving, but he declines. Nina tries to change Ronan’s mind about spending Thanksgiving with her to no avail. Heather is stunned when Michael offers her a job. Heather happily accepts Michael’s job offer. As she is leaving runs into Ronan and tries to convince him to spend Thanksgiving with Nina. Heather says if he doesn’t go she will inform Nina that he is sick. When Victor refuses to inform Nick what his partnership with Jack is about. When Nick threatens him, Victor reveals to Nick that he is using his money and Jack’s to invest in Adam’s fund. Victor informs Nick his plan is to destroy Adam by taking everything.  Diane is stunned when the club manager informs her that her bill has been paid through the end of the year. Diane confronts Jack about paying her bill and he offers to help her until she finds work. Jack invites Diane to join him and Kyle for Thanksgiving.  Jack informs Phyllis that they can’t spend Thanksgiving together since he will be with Kyle. Jack informs Phyllis that they should consider their break over and Phyllis is more than happy to agree. Phyllis and Jack run into Diane and Phyllis isn’t thrilled to realize that Diane will be spending Thanksgiving with Jack.  Sharon explains why she removed her ring. Adam is skeptical and suggests she take time to figure out if she really wants to marry Nick again. Nick informs Phyllis that he and Sharon plan to announce to their engagement at Thanksgiving. Later, Nick is stunned when Sharon informs him that she wants to go away for Thanksgiving, alone.


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