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0 Y&R Recap – Nov 16-20th

Stacy Haiduk, Peter Bergman

© JPI Studios

Lauren confronts Kevin about her suspicions that Ryder is the one that sent her the rat. Kevin refuses to give up on Ryder and continues to give him the benefit of the doubt. Amber and Daniel about to leave on their s honeymoon, Michael arrives telling them that Daniel is once again the prime suspect in Ray Elkin’s murder. Cane tells Jill that Phillip may be leaving town soon and that she needs to have the chance to say goodbye this time. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Chance that he has to return to Australia indefinitely but can’t exactly explain why but   Kay demands the truth from Phillip, as a betrayed Chance and Nina listen. Jill arrives and is heartbroken. Chance and Chloe come overhear and are shocked to learn that Mac is going to have Cane’s child. Chloe can’t help needling Billy, knowing that Mac’s decision to be Cane’s surrogate is driving him crazy. Alone, Billy asks Mac to talk to him but she shuts him down. Phyllis blurts out to Nick that Patty saw her having sex with Jack and that’s the reason she hurt Summer. Meanwhile, Jack goes to see Ashley and she finally admits to him that she plans on investing in the Chancellor IPO. Ashley tells Jack that it is time to take control of something that isn’t his or Victor’s and it is time that he support her after everything she has done for him.  Paul and Emily are encouraged by Patty’s progress, unaware that she is merely hiding her true self from them. Alone, Patty takes out a bride and groom paper doll she has been working on. Later Emily and Jack have a date. Adam and Ashley have a cryptic conversation about Ashley’s involvement with the Chancellor IPO and Ashley asks Adam about his date, although he doesn’t reveal that his date is with Sharon.  Moments later, Ashley gets a call and has to rush out. Ashley’s nanny has to leave due to a family emergency just as Sharon arrives for her date with Adam leaving Adam stranded with Sharon and Faith.

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