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0 Y&R Recap – Nov 22 – Nov 26th

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Victor reveals to Michael that he plans to destroy Adam and Jack, and he withdraws his money invested in Skye’s fund. As Jack is leaving Victoria and Billy at the club, he gets the news about the Newman Fund and realizes Victor’s scheme. Jack confronts Victor while Michael is present, and Michael learns that Jack and Victor have tapped into Skye’s computer in order to learn what companies she has invested in. Jack tries desperately to salvage some of his investment. Victor makes it clear to Jack that this was revenge. Jack decides to rescue the Newman Fund. Adam gives Skye some papers and informs her that if she signs then she gets everything. Skye gets upset as Adam tries to leave her. As a security guard drags Skye out of her and Adam’s room, a process server delivers divorce papers. Adam watches a furious Skye being taken away by the guard. When Skye realizes that she has lost everything she blames Adam and declares that she can make him stay with her. Adam argues that she is going too far. Nick wonders why Sharon wants to leave. Sharon expresses her need for distance. Nick pleads with Sharon to make him understand but Sharon explains that it isn’t about him. Later, Nick decides to let Sharon go. Sharon doesn’t reveal where she is going but assures Nick she will have her cell phone. Billy notifies Phyllis that they are printing Daisy and her victims on the cover unless Phyllis can bring him a better story. Phyllis promises to deliver. Nick runs into Phyllis at the coffeehouse and exposes his relationship troubles. Michael informs Phyllis that Jack has big trouble brewing. Later, Phyllis runs into Adam and exposes Sharon and Nick’s issues When J.T. refuses to send Reed back to Genoa City to spend the holiday with Victoria, Billy asks Chloe if they can have Delia with them for Thanksgiving, but Chloe refuses.

­Everyone gathers at the Chancellor Estate, and Jill feels left out until Kay asks her to stay. Blake drops in on the Winters’s family Thanksgiving to thank Lily, and she asks him to stay. Blake senses resistance from Malcolm. During dinner Cane enters the room and stops at the sight of Blake. Unaware that Heather has blackmailed Ronan into being at the Chancellor’s, Chloe is bothered by the connection between Heather and Ronan. Kay assures Nina that he came because he wants to have a relationship with her but Heather thinks differently. As Neil and Sofia are having a gravy cook off they notice a spark between them. Malcolm pulls Neil aside to discuss Blake. Blake gives thanks to the family, and declares he isn’t going anywhere.

Abby decides to reach out to Victor on Thanksgiving. He wants the two of them to make peace. As Jack tries to salvage what is left of the Newman Fund, he is furious at Tucker when he outs him to Ashley about teaming up with Victor. Ashley is sympathetic to Jack’s situation. Victor argues to Abby that Victoria, Jack and Vance are the ones turning Abby against him. He reminds Abby that she can have the settlement he offered at any time. Just as Abby is beginning to believe she can trust Victor, Ashley informs her about what Victor did to Jack. She calls Victor and notifies him that she will see him in court. Jack stops by Skye’s hotel room but discovers it has been trashed and Skye is missing. He instructs the maid to call the police. Ronan reaches out to Chloe, who is still very angry and hurt by him, but he then gets called into work. Kevin confronts Chloe about her feelings for Ronan and tries to caution her. Kay overhears this and informs Kevin that he is falling for Chloe, but Kevin denies it. Victor shows up at Skye’s room and Ronan reports they’ve found blood.

­At Skye’s room, Jack informs Ronan that Victor is the one to blame for everything involving the Newman Fund. After discovering the blood in the room doesn’t match Adam’s, they all realize that it could be Skye’s. Ronan gets confirmation that the blood in the room is Skye’s, and they are treating her disappearance as a homicide. Victor instructs Nick to call Sharon and request that she come home until Adam is found. Nick decides to spend Thanksgiving dinner with Phyllis, Noah, Summer, and Faith at Gloworm. After Michael and Lauren’s Thanksgiving getaway is a bust, Michael suggests they spend the holiday with his family. Phyllis, Nick, Daniel and Noah enter Gloworm and come face to face with Lauren and Michael. Phyllis gets a call from Jack, so she, Nick and Michael leave to go down to the station. At the station, Phyllis tries to calm Jack about Victor’s scheme. Nick and Victor wonder where Adam is. Nikki shows up and informs Victor she was released from rehab early, but Victor ignores her. Nick worries when someone calls from Sharon’s phone and informs him that she lost it on her way to New Orleans. Nick wonders if Adam may have followed her down there. Sharon arrives at her hotel in New Orleans. Nick decides to go to New Orleans to find Sharon, and Lauren asks Michael to go with him. Daniel and Noah join Kevin and Chloe for dinner and Kevin insists that Daniel’s decision to give the baby up for adoption is a bad idea. Daniel isn’t thrilled with the idea of Kevin raising his daughter but Kevin reminds him that it isn’t completely up to him. Daniel and Lauren agree that the best thing for the baby is to give it up for adoption. Kevin goes to visit Daisy in jail and declares to her that he wants to be the baby’s legal guardian. Billy and Victoria try to enjoy their Thanksgiving for two. Billy presents Victoria with a video chat with Reed. Later, to return the favor, Victoria calls Chloe and asks her to let Billy spend some time with Delia. Billy is thrilled when Chloe shows up with Delia, and Chloe allows her to stay the night.

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