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0 Y&R Recap – Nov 9-13th

Clementine Ford, Billy Miller

© JPI Studios

After her relationship with Billy reaches an impasse Mac decides to be the surrogate for Cane and Lily’s baby. Patty remembers moments in her childhood with Paul.  Phyllis threatens Patty to stay away from her family and she is not buying her act.   Daniel and Amber decide to have a shotgun wedding on their rooftop, and someone is watching them and is on the warpath.  Chance who has been shot gets a visit from Phillip and the share a father/son moment. Chloe and Chance decide to get to know each other as Chloe is quite taken with Chance after he is injured.  Neil and Kay assume that Ashley and Jack are teaming up to buy stock of Chancellor to regain control of Jabot and Kay makes it clear that she won’t let that happen. Meanwhile, Ashley lies to Jack about why she was meeting with Neil but he doesn’t seem to buy her excuses. Nick tries to push Adam over the edge so that Adam will quick but Adam makes it very clear that he has no plans of going anywhere.   Michael tells Ryder that he has proof that he couldn’t have committed the murder because he was running a red light in Chicago at the time and he has photos. He shows Ryder and sees that there was someone in the car with him and Michael wonders if this is the person that Ryder has been protecting.

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