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June 25, 2016 Judge Grants Victoria Rowell The Right To Pursue Her Amended ‘Retaliation’ Complaint In Lawsuit!


May 14, 2015 CBS and Sony Fire Back At Victoria Rowell’s Lawsuit Claiming It’s “Patently Absurd” and “A Blatant Attempt To Force Her Way Back Onto A Daytime Television Soap Opera…”


February 12, 2015 Victoria Rowell Holds Press Conference And Says On Her Lawsuit: “This Is About Myself & Many, Many African-Americans Who Have Been Denied The Right To Perform In Front and Behind The Scenes, Specifically On Y&R!’


February 11, 2015 Former Y&R Star Victoria Rowell Suing CBS and Sony!


October 8, 2014 Victoria Rowell and Kristoff St.John Reunite In New UP TV Movie, MARRY ME FOR CHRISTMAS!


August 12, 2014 Shemar Moore Tapes His Return To Y&R: Look For Malcolm & Neil To Discuss Drucilla!


March 27, 2014 Victoria Rowell Takes Y&R To Task Over “Racism” And Adds: “Please Do Not Ask Me If I Am Clawing My Way Up A Cliff. It Is Way More Serious …”


October 24, 2012 Victoria Rowell Takes To Twitter To Let Fans Know She Will NOT Be Returning To Y&R And Much More!


July 13, 2011 Debbi Morgan reveals she is NOT a Drucilla Recast when she joins Y&R!


July 8, 2011 Could Victoria Rowell finally be heading back to Y&R?


July 27, 2010 Victoria Rowell in online response to Y&R rep contacting her on bringing back Dru!


February 22, 2010 Rowell speaks out on latest escapades of Winters clan on Y&R!