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August 23, 2016 GH’s Jon Lindstrom Talks On Working With Genie Francis In The Kevin & Laura Romance!


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August 8, 2016 GH’s EP Frank Valentini Talks JaSam, Friz, Julexis & Steering The Ship In Port Charles!


August 5, 2016 EXCLUSIVE: GH’s Kelly Monaco Opens Up About JaSam, Liz/Sam Fan Wars, Public Perception & What’s Up With Those Fainting Spells?


August 3, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nina Hits The Sheets With Valentin, Laura Laments Leaving Nikolas Behind!


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July 18, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: “I’m Your Bastard Uncle, Valentin Cassadine!”


July 8, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Alexis Stabs Julian, Cassadine Curse, Laura Gets A Clue, Josslyn’s Kidney Mystery!


June 1, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura, Spencer, and Lulu Try To Cope With Nikolas’ Disappearance, Carly Learns Sonny Cut A Deal With Ava!


May 19, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Returns To The Campus Disco! Have Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom Piqued Your Interest As An On-Screen Duo?


March 15, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Helena In Her Will Reading To Laura: “I’m Giving You The Key To What You Have Loved, And Lost!”


March 11, 2016 GENERAL HOSPITAL: What Does Griffin Want To Tell Anna? What Should Helena Leave To Her Enemies In The Will Reading?