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July 28, 2015 Anthony Geary’s Final GH Episode: Luke Leaves Port Charles And A Letter For Laura! Was It Anti-Climatic?


July 27, 2015 Anthony Geary On Luke’s General Hospital Send-Off: “He’s been A Difficult, Eclectic Character To Find A Logical Motivating Conclusion For, But They’ve Done That.”


July 26, 2015 GH’s Jackie Zeman Interview: Bobbie and Luke Say “Arrivederci”, Her Final Scenes With Tony Geary, Writing Regime Change!


July 20, 2015 GH’s Anthony Geary No Holds Barred Chat: Luke’s Final Story, Next Year’s Daytime Emmys, Jonathan Jackson & Genie Francis!


July 11, 2015 One For The Ages: Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary Share Emotional Scenes As Lucky & Luke Have Heart-to-Heart And The Return Of Little Jake Continues On General Hospital!


July 9, 2015 GENERAL HOSPITAL: A Lante Shake-Up! Dominic Zamprogna and Emme Rylan Deliver Power Performances!


July 7, 2015 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Is Little Jake Alive After All?


July 6, 2015 Jonathan Jackson On His GH Return This Week: “It Was Really Exciting To Get To Do Those Scenes With Tony. It Was Really Special For Me.”


July 3, 2015 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Nathan Parsons Returns As Luke Saves Ethan!


July 1, 2015 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura and Holly Have a Heart-to-Heart Chat!


June 30, 2015 GH Has Fireworks, Bombshells & A Summer Stunner: Watch Jonathan Jackson In Latest Promo With Tony Geary!


June 29, 2015 Anthony Geary’s Final General Hospital Airdate Revealed As July 27th!