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October 24, 2014 WATCH THE SEGMENT: Y&R’s Justin Hartley, Gina Tognoni, Burgess Jenkins and Scott Elrod On THE TALK!


October 18, 2014 RATINGS: The Young and the Restless Scores Big On The Heels Of Phyllis’ Return At Shick’s Wedding!


October 17, 2014 Next Week On THE TALK, The Newest Cast Members Of Y&R: Justin Hartley, Gina Tognoni, Scott Elrod & Burgess Jenkins!


October 4, 2014 Y&R Promo: Does Phyllis Return Just In Time To Bust Up Nick and Sharon’s Wedding?


October 3, 2014 WATCH: Y&R’s Joshua Morrow & Sharon Case CBS Connect Chat On Shick’s Wedding Day!


September 30, 2014 Y&R’s Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow Tease Shick’s Wedding And More On HOME & FAMILY!


September 17, 2014 Y&R’s Phyllis: “I’m Well Rested … And Ready!” New Gina Tognoni Promo!


September 15, 2014 The Sharon Case, Joshua Morrow, and Camryn Grimes Interview – The Young and the Restless


September 11, 2014 Sexy Exes & Phyllis Waking Up Are Just Some Of The Highlights This Fall On The Young and the Restless!


September 8, 2014 Tom Hallick Returns To The Young and the Restless In Twist On Brad Eliot’s Original First Scene!


August 8, 2014 LISTEN TO THE BROADCAST: Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman with Co-Host Kimberly McCullough & Guests: Finola Hughes, Brooklyn Rae Silzer, Gina Tognoni, Galen Gering, Minae Noji & Michael Sutton!


August 8, 2014 Joshua Morrow and Hunter King Welcome Gina Tognoni To Y&R – Watch The Video!