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January 30, 2018 Steve Burton Talks On: Coming Home To General Hospital, The ‘Jasoning’ Of Drew, JaSam’s New Year’s Eve Kiss & Reuniting With His Longtime Co-Stars!


December 28, 2017 FRIDAY: GH’s Jason and Sam Ring In The New Year With A Kiss!


December 19, 2017 GH’s Steve Burton Asks Fan Factions To Stop Inciting Bashing And Hatred


December 10, 2017 GH’s Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten Dishes On The Jason and Drew Reveal, Tamara Braun, Maura West, Future Of Julexis, And His Passion For The Soaps!


December 3, 2017 RATINGS: Days of our Lives Shows Gains!


December 2, 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL: The Real Jason Is Revealed … Let The Fallout Begin!


November 18, 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason/Six And Robin Come Face To Face On The Bridge!


November 13, 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Who Is Going To Turn Out To Be Drew? Who Is Going To Turn Out To Be Jason?


October 31, 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason and Jason Come Face To Face In Heart-Stopping Cliffhanger!


October 26, 2017 Patient Six Reveals Himself As Jason To Sonny & They Hug It Out, As Steve Burton and Maurice Benard Bring Their Undeniable Connection Back To GH!


October 18, 2017 GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patient Six Dealt Heartbreak As He Learns Sam Is With Another Man & Morgan Has Died!


October 11, 2017 Steve Burton Talks His Return To GH: From Patient Six, Contract Status, Billy Miller, Maura West, To Reuniting With His Longtime Pals!