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May 5th, 2016  |  Leave a comment ( 2 ) Brad Bell & The Bold and the Beautiful Writing Team Interview – 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys Winners/Press Room

The Bold and the Beautiful’s writing team took home the gold for their work for the transgender storyline on the CBS Daytime drama series at the 43rd Annual Daytime Emmys. Michael Fairman spoke with the series head writer and executive producer Brad Bell and writer Patrick Mulcahey directly after their victory to get their thoughts on the telling of this important issue of our time on daytime.

  1. Guy Harper says:

    If I were a writer for you guys I would’ve brought Hope back, it would’ve been a chance running on the beach with Liam Stephanie and Wyatt and it would’ve gave Liam A well needed distraction from watching steffy and Wyatt. It also would have forced Steffi to admit her feeling or at least be tormented by the site of hope and Liam. It would give you all many avenues to go after that.


  2. Nancy Abbott says:

    Look I have a lot to say about all 4 soaps that I record everyday while I work.. but I have one purpose this min.. I’m watching the episode Fri 12/16/2016 of the bold and the beautiful and I have a really big concern and request!!! Don’t change Eric to be a Quinn and… now come on… I wanted Eric and Quinn but it doesn’t mean you change Eric to be on old Quinn’s level!!! Eric has or had a good heart and morals and respect!!!! Really that sucks!! If that’s the way it is then I’ll have to stop recording it.. He is a matriarch and if you tarnish him then you tarnish the whole structure of the family… if he gets a crack in his moral compass then that shoots all the family history of morals and if you make Eric to be on Quinn’s level then you are headed for the end of the show. So I’ll. E done..


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