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September 25th, 2011  |  Leave a comment ( 14 ) Monaco, Gering, Bjorlin & Beemer Interview – Dirty Soap

Kelly Monaco, Galen Gering, Nadia Bjorlin & Brandon Beemer, four members of the cast of E Entertainment Television’s new reality show, Dirty Soap, talked with Michael Fairman about what to expect when they and their other soap star pals share their personal and professional lives in front of the cameras. The season premiere is Sun Sept. 25th!

  1. Waverly says:

    Such fun Michael, thanks! I hope the show is a great success and stimulates viewers into taking a peek back into daytime soaps. I’d love for you to interview them all again after Dirty Soap is a couple shows in. It will be interesting to hear their reactions at that point.


  2. heidi says:

    Fun interview Michael… thanks! Can’t wait to see the show and I agree with Waverly it would be fun to have you interviewthe group throughout the airing of the series. Or a Dirty Soap podcast would be fun too! Thanks again… always good stuff that you do!


  3. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for a great interview Michael. I’m counting down until the bubbles from Dirty Soap appear on my screen. Kelly and Nadia seem so naturally at ease with themselves and their colleagues. In fact, I’m anxiously awaiting your next interview with this group after their show has aired. Again, thanks for allowing us to look over your shoulder at the Dirty Soap bubbles.


  4. adriana8900 says:

    can’t wait to see kelly on dirty soaps


  5. Mandee H. Serrano Philly-NJ says:

    i think kemo break up to her boyfriend mike is a sad one.she has so much hidden pain i feel and i was happy she burn up her prom gown finally.I get why she did this.and i am lovin’kelly more for doing so.

    she is a very down to earth woman and i love her alot in gh i hope to love the 2nd episode just as much as the 1st.great job. and great interview Michael Fairman…love your site. i am a regular.

    Home of Kelly Monaco.
    east coast baby!


  6. Torrey says:

    Just watched the first episode, and it was pretty interesting. I must say though, I’m already not feeling Jenna Gering, Galen’s wife…..I mean, she has been with her husband for 18 years and she was acting like a jealous school girl, when it came to his love scenes that he had to do with his co-workers….it seemed a bit put-on and fake to me….she herself used to model and act, so why is she making such a BIG deal of the scenes, that aren’t even real? Other than that, I found the rest of the cast very interesting. Love the chemistry between Nadia and Brandon, and of course my faves are JP & Farah (Gigi & Rex Forever!!)


  7. Lisa Taylor says:

    Please put AMC andOLTL on a TV station. As soon as ONTL goes off ABC I and so many others will be boycotting ABC because they cancelled best shows ever. ABC should be cancelled as a network


  8. Mo says:

    It felt a bit forced. I wonder what Nadia will think after she sees it and sees Farah dissing her party and then showing up and being all ‘congrats!’

    I also thought Jenna’s comments about her husband doing love scenes strange. It’s work and they’ve been married for 11 years and it’s not his first time as part of a couple. Yes, she doesn’t like it, but she needs to accept it. And if she doesn’t like to see it, turn the TV off.


  9. Mo says:

    I want to know what broke up Kirsten and Farah’s friendship. They used to be peas and carrots.


  10. Bianca says:

    Torrey, I agree. Actually both Gerings were pretty cringe worthy and boring. He just seemed uncomfortable, and this is a guy who has had to pull off at least one love scene with a male orangutan with less awkwardness. I cannot believe a wife who was around during that, would continue to be jealous 15 years into her husband’s soap career.


  11. Michael Jenkins says:

    Thanks so much, love the show.


  12. hookedondirtysoap says:

    I love this show!! I loved it. I was transfixed for 2 hours tonight :-) . It’s great to see actor’s outside their characters. I think it’s refreshing to have a married couple on, as the Gerrings. I wish them all the best in their careers. They’re all talented.


  13. Sophia says:

    It’s obvious a lot of stuff is scripted, not in the sense of dialogue, but storyline wise. So it tends to be cringe-worthy at times. BUT, I do love Nadia/Brandon who seem the most down to earth. And of course, I love Kelly, whom I know broke up with her boyfriend a while ago–but the pain will obviously still be there no matter how long or who you’re with.

    I actually think they have a good cast, however I’m not really feeling Galen and Jenna either. They just don’t feel authentic to me–I don’t know, something about them just feels…fake. I said it. Sorry!


  14. connie says:

    I just loved the show. Please bring it back on soon soon. Or email when it starts again. thanks connie


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