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May 6th, 2015  |  Leave a comment ( 1 ) Elizabeth Hendrickson Interview – The Young and the Restless – 42nd Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

Former star of The Young and the Restless Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), a Daytime Emmy nominee in the Supporting Actress category chatted with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmys. During the conversation, Elizabeth related that her Emmy submission was all about the final emotional goodbye scenes between Chloe and Kevin played by her long-time scene partner and friend, Greg Rikaart. Liz also reveals some details on her new project, and more!

  1. jane says:

    I am So, So, SAD, MAD and HEART BROKEN because The Powers that be Meaning Chuck Pratt, Jr. And Jill Farren Phelps has taken the Most Absolutely Adorable Handsome Hunky Guy that has been on #YR’s name out of the ending credits and that guy is Matthew Atkinson. It isn’t right what they did to him. They took away his CONTRACT that he only had for a short time and that I believe he worked hard for. Why did Jill even offer him a Contract if she was going to let Chuck Pratt, Jr. To take it away from him. I am only watching now to see who killed Austin, then I am done.
    I have been reading the Celebrity Dirty Laundry feeds and I read that Dylan makes a shocking discovery and overturns that Austin Travers never died that Valentines Evening and faked his death, but how is that when they take his name out of the ending credits. If that was true his name would still be there. So, how does Celebrity Dirty Laundry get their info for spoilers and make it sound like it will actually happen and then it doesn’t because I really believed and hoped that Matthew Atkinson would show back up on screen once Dylan discovers that Austin was actually alive. Now I know that they just LIED! They shouldn’t write stuff unless they know for a fact that those scenes will actually happen.
    They pulled the rug (CONTRACT ) right out from under his , Matthew Atkinson’s feet. Someone who has worked hard to earn a contract should be able to keep it for at least 3 or 4 year’s or longer unless they have done something wrong or until they are ready to go do something else.
    Chuck Pratt, Jr didn’t even give Matthew Atkinson a chance to really show his stuff, he could have written a good story line for him with out killing off his alter ego and still get what he wants. He just saw that Austin Travers had no real connection to Genoa City because he had no one that he was related to except for being married to Summer, so he decided to kill off Austin so he could ignite the second generation and create new love stories. I WISH THAT Chuck Pratt, Jr. Never came to #YR because I HATE what he did 2 Matthew Atkinson.
    He ruined what was already working and took away the reason I was watching The Young and the Restless. It will never be the same without Matthew Atkinson as Austin.
    My Heart and Chest HURTS because I MISS him so much. I feel like there is a HUGE stone sitting on it and makes it hard to breathe.
    The only thing that I can see him is on youtube. Because, someone has been posting Austin & Summer’s Story and so far there are 64 parts. There should be 66 but parts 27 and 43 are missing due to something about SME, in the videos and won’t be released in the United States. The other is my Jane by Design DVD and Parenthood the 5th season.
    Hey Micheal, I wonder if you could find out what Matthew Atkinson is going to do next.


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