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May 2nd, 2015  |  Leave a comment ( 9 ) Jill Farren Phelps Interview – The Young and the Restless – 42nd Annual Daytime Emmys Winners/Press Room

The Young and the Restless executive producer Jill Farren Phelps chats with Michael Fairman shortly after Y&R tied with Days of our Lives to win the Outstanding Drama Series award at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmys. Phelps was flanked by cast member Sean Carrigan (Stitch).  Jill discussed how the emotional episodes surrounding Delia’s death,  even a year later won the CBS soap opera the gold, and what it means being in a tie with DAYS, plus how proud she is of her cast and new head writer Chuck Pratt Jr.  In addition, Michael remarks at Jill’s numerous Emmy wins as executive producer throughout her daytime career.

  1. Rick says:

    JFP got her back up as soon as you mentioned Chuck Pratt.

    I know it wasn’t the time to mention fans who hate Pratt’s out-of-character writing, but shouldn’t soap journalists get the word to Phelps in their columns or on social media???


  2. su0000 says:

    Soap fans can become very involved, personally involved, with characters..
    And for Y&R to write year long children death stories is reprehensible ..
    Some fans took Delias death to heart, it affected them, she was a loved child, they mourned ….
    I say; shame on CBS/Y&R for writing children’s death to get emmy’s
    (and they have and do that)..


    Nanci replied

    Totally agree!!


    Rose replied

    Su…you do have a soft side!


  3. The Substitute says:

    This woman has no shame! She doesn’t even have the class to think the two actors who got her this emmy Billy Miller & Michael Muhney. Let’s see this show get another one without these two fine actors! A lot of people disgust me but she has to be on the top of the list!


  4. Laurel Twist says:

    Jill Farren Phelps, Chuck Pratt, & Angelica McDaniel ALL need to be fired, NOW!


  5. Rose says:

    I don’t like sad kid stories either. But then RC and team gave us the horrible Ava/Nina story on GH, and the AJ/Avery story is still playing out…plus Spenser and the fire…plus Sabrina losing Gabriel…Maxie trying to get custody of Georgie…PLUS Fluke. That’s more than a lot of sad baby/kid stories to swallow in one year, too.


  6. Liz Garcia says:

    I’ve said this many, many times, but I stopped watching Y&R for almost a year and then started up again in December. I’ve been a watcher since it started in 1973. I don’t care for a lot of the actors who took over parts from before. I think Billy was Billy because of the actor, Abby was Abby because of the actor and I could go on. To me they just don’t suit the part. Plus I’m still not sure who Ben is and so on. I imagine there are some who have watched for 40 years who did contact her, but I certainly wasn’t one. I do like seeing the old timers on a bit more now. I think the doppelganger story is a little dumb, but I like seeing more of Bergman. I like Braeden too..


  7. Chris says:

    In most video interviews I’ve seen of Jill Phelps she says the same thing. In regards to any show she’s working on. She always thanks the company of people it takes to put on these shows, which I respect. However, I think hard work is true of all soap actors/writers/backstage talent. That doesn’t mean those hard efforts will always equate to solid gold. The question is, what makes your show special? Why does it work? Y&R under her leadership has lacked a singular vision of what the show is supposed to be. Whenever Bill Bell would be interviewed about Y&R’s success he always spoke of the body of work and character interpretation. How it relayed to the viewers. It was characters you loved to love and loved to hate. People who felt like extensions of your own family. He understood that the success was something larger than just the one/two episodes it took to win an emmy. He would never say, we won because on the two shows we submitted only one storyline was profiled and people related to that storyline. He was winning for a body of work, not a singular moment. Phelps emmy baits. For years I’ve seen fans pick out which shows she will submit and never have they been wrong. That is largely due to the fact that 85% of her eligible year is pretty lackluster and often just plain awful. Her shows are successful in isolated moments when she seeks out a gimmick that can stand alone from the rest of the narrative. Her gift, in regards to winning emmys, is she CAN be brilliant for about 3-6 weeks out of the year when she can contain all the drama into one instance. The rest is a mess. I just don’t care for her work. I find it crass and she speaks as someone who’s out of touch with her audience. Perhaps one 40 yr viewer did reach out to her but what about the thousands who aren’t happy with the mess she keeps this show in? Are those opinions obsolete to her? It would appear so.


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