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June 30th, 2014  |  Leave a comment ( 2 ) The Young and the Restless Writing Team Interview – 41st Annual Daytime Emmys Winners/Press Room

The Young and the Restless writing team led by Shelly Altman chat with Michael Fairman shortly after winning their Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Writing Team in a Drama Series at the recent 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Shelly reveals how their winning episode in which Billy sits by the side of the rode after his daughter Delia is hit by a car, and waits for an ambulance, was constructed and came about with the use of flash-forwards to tell the story. The writing team also chimes in that that storyline brought them to tears as well and more!

  1. ob says:

    Sad that Billy left Delia in the car by herself as he went into the store to get ice cream, that Victoria asked him to buy. I think that he is more at fault for leaving his daughter in the car alone . . .and the writers of this story need to bring this strong point into their writing for the Y&R. How could they leave such a important part out of this daytime soap.


  2. kuikui says:

    This is a joke that the Writer’s of Y&R won an Emmy!
    Y&R needs a Blast of fresh air of a new writing team with fresh ideas new storylines that Daytime has never seen. JFP and her minions are just plain stale with rewrites that have been done over and over. Fans are bored with her and her head writer Michele Altman.
    They have been known to cause a Death of a show.


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