WEEK Of May 23, 2016



DAYSDAYS Weekly Recaps:

  • Rafe sees Aiden kissing Hope, and storms away.
  • Belle and Shawn make love.
  • Jennifer has a harrowing night as she tries to stop giving into her painkiller addiction.
  • Ciara opens up to Marlena during a counseling session.
  • Chase is attacked and rushed to the hospital.


GH Weekly Recaps:

  • The Nurses’ Ball kicks off, promising an evening of excitement.
  • Liz is in for a public humiliation.
  • Lucas is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • A body is discovered on the rocks.
  • A heartbroken Morgan watches from a distance.



B&B Weekly Recaps:

  • In deep trouble with the law, Quinn makes a last attempt to get Wyatt to see her side.
  • Nothing is left unsaid when Liam and Quinn come face-to-face in the interrogation room.
  • Maya and Rick happily announce the name of their baby to friends and family.
  • Ridge throws Thomas off guard by with his plans for staffing at Forrester Creations.
  • Maya puts the heat on Sasha to prove that she is truly pregnant with Zende’s child.


Y&RY&R Weekly Recaps:

  • Nikki stands her ground with Victor.
  • Chelsea makes a risky decision to protect Adam.
  • Phyllis reconnects with Jack.
  • Billy is on the rebound!
  • Jill makes a shocking discovery.

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