WEEK OF October 27, 2014



DAYSDAYS Weekly Recaps:

  • Thanks to Sami, Will is offered an opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Sami bids an emotional farewell to her family as she and the kids leave Salem.
  • A horrified Brady finally realizes the truth.
  • Kristen seeks comfort in the arms of someone very unexpected.
  • Aiden is upset when he runs into someone from his past!


GH Weekly Recaps:

  • Jake and Liz join forces against Obrecht.
  • Sam receives some devastating news.
  • Carly discovers a secret Franco has been hiding.
  • Sonny comes clean with Morgan.
  • Nina does the unthinkable.



B&B Weekly Recaps:

  • Ridge is forced to defend his recent actions and deceit to Eric.
  • Maya uses an opportune moment to go after what she wants.
  • Caroline becomes acutely aware of the extent of damage done to her marriage.
  • Eric reaches out to Rick to discuss his future at Forrester Creations.
  • Ivy and Liam’s romance blossoms while crossing paths with contestants from Big Brother.


Y&RY&R Weekly Recaps:

  • Victor urges Nikki to come clean.
  • Kelly Sullivan debuts as Sage Warner.
  • Chelsea says goodbye to Adam.
  • Jill warns Colin about his latest scheme.
  • Phyllis puts her plan in motion!

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