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April 22nd, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 5 ) Calysta Jeffries Interview (AKA Victoria Rowell)- The Rich and the Ruthless

The Rich and the Ruthless’ Calysta Jeffries (Ruby Stargazer) chats with Michael Fairman about her explosive new book, Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva , and gives some insightful and juicy gossip on her cast mates Emmy Abernathy, Javier De La Vasquez, and Uranus Winterberry. Fairman broaches difficult subjects for the daytime legend including her many losses for Lead Actress for The Sudsy.

  1. Doe says:

    What a hoot, Michael. I didn’t know what to expect, but this interview with Calysta was so funny. It was nice to see her being the real Prima Donna that she is and letting loose with you. I love her hair and make-up. I hope she wins the Sudsy award this year. Give us more interviews with her, Michael. You were very funny,too. You asked her very important and informative questions. Viva La Diva,,,,,,,,,,


  2. bottomchef says:

    Great interview!

    “Soap stare” LOL!

    I’m guessing Emmy Abernathy is MTS, Uranus Winterberry is MS, Wolf is obviously Braeden, Phillip is Peter Bergman and I’m guessing Javier is Shemar Moore.

    Michael Fairman: I suggest you have a podcast or video interview w/ acotrs in the running for Emmy nods. Make it a roundtable discussion like Newsweek does w/ actors in the running for Academy Awards.

    And could you please video interview Patrick Mulcahey? He seems like he’d have a lot to say abt daytime, and B&B.


    lew replied

    Victoria should move beyond this obvious grudge that she has with Y&R. She wasn’t happy there and she chose to leave. She has found success as a writer, so she should bask in her glory. I liked her as Drucilla, but there are other parts to be played.


    Torrey replied

    She seems a little bitter….and I’m not for sure why, since she’s the one that stepped away from Y&R. Maybe it’s because they don’t seem like they want her back….and I think she wants to come back now, but they’ve moved on. All of this recent behaviour seems childish and makes her look like she’s incredibly desperate for attention. Move on Victoria, and find something else to do.

  3. toptim says:

    This is sooo funny you and Victoria are so funny together


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