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November 29th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 4 ) Crystal Chappell & Cast of Venice Trevor Project PSA

Crystal Chappell & members of the cast of Venice participate in a new PSA produced by On-Air On-Soaps for The Trevor Project’s Trevor Lifeline to assist  LGBT youth considering suicide. Chappell delivers the message that at one time or another, every one of the members of the cast has been picked on or bullied, but it does get better, and to reach out for help before taking a drastic final step.

  1. kelltwomyn says:

    Nicely done! Thank you Team Venice and thank you Michael.


  2. Doe says:

    The PSA with Crystal is very good and the Crystal fans should take the message to heart. Because every one of you knows someone who might need the message, and we all want you to stick around, too. Good job, Michael of putting this together. Well done!…


  3. anotherolive says:

    Thanks gang. Much appreciated.


  4. Moni says:

    Thank you soo much Team Venice and Michael for doing this.
    This is another example why we adore Crystal Chappell. You’re amazing.


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